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We have developed an enormous network of carriers that work specifically with us to keep their trucks on the road moving on a daily basis. We request the same type of service out of our carriers that our customer’s expect out of us. Proactive communication is a must. From a standard pick up to a Time Critical shipment we have the people in place to make sure your load is secure on the proper equipment to get the job done.

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Reefer Truckload

Archgate Logistics hauls Refrigerated loads for many of the big players in the food industry as well as the Mom and Pop shops.
– Fresh Produce, time critical, and temperature specific loads
– Real time tracking when requested.
– Frozen Foods
– We have Reefer capacity where you need it!



As our customer base grew in the Steel industry, the demand for Flatbeds grew with it. We have dedicated a team of employees to handle our Flatbed carriers, spending their days to continuously source and develop new relationships with Flatbed carriers. This has expanded our Flatbed capabilities whether you need a Standard Flatbed, Step deck trailer, or a driver willing to Tarp and Strap the load down, we will have what you are looking for where you need it.